About the Clinical Panel

The Clinical Panel is a group of clinicians from various professional backgrounds who have come together to provide advisory services that require clinical insight with management consultancy skills. It consists of a range of senior clinicians who bring national and international experience of:

  • health and care delivery, performance and quality improvement,
  • health and care systems, design and optimisation,
  • health and care leadership and clinical engagement.


Clinical Panel Ltd was set up by Dr Jonathan Steel, a GP with 12 years experience as a clinical consultant with PwC. The panel of clinicians is growing, each member has been carefully chosen as having a blend of senior clinical and managerial experience along with the interpersonal skills required in a consulting environment. There is a broad range of clinical specialties represented that cover most of the clinical areas required by our clients.

Healthcare systems within the UK and internationally are struggling to meet rising demands within constrained budgets. Our clients understand that costs are driven by clinical decisions. Clinical leadership and engagement is therefore critical to quality and efficiency gains.

The benefit of a clinical panel

Clinicians are taking a more prominent role in decisions to secure external support for organisations and systems undergoing change. Clinicians like working with clinicians and the Clinical Panel provides its clients with the clinical competency that can both win and deliver work to a high standard.

Our clinicians have strong industry insights, understand the evidence base for service redesign and are good at stakeholder relationships. Individually they bring a range of consulting skills beyond their clinical expertise.

How we can help you

You may be a small organization that requires a few days of external clinical insight, or a larger consultancy that requires a clinical partner to help deliver a complex piece of work. We can help along all levels of this spectrum.